Happy Birthday Continued

Posted by kat on Jul 22nd, 2009

I had an amazing birthday!

i got to have 2 parties. 1 for at my mums house and 1 for at my dads house.


Happy Birthday

Posted by kat on Jul 7th, 2009

I haven’t uploaded any blogs in a while. the reason:


Exams are scary! especially these ones cuz i had a science exam, and science isn’t my….uh….’strongest’ subjects…


25 Random Facts About Me

Posted by kat on May 27th, 2009

today i was surfing facebook, and notice my very good friend posted a note called, ’25 random facts about me’. So i figured what the heck? i might as well make one too…


Without His Meds

Posted by kat on Mar 8th, 2009

At my school, i have many different friends, all of which are very different, and diverse. I have 2 friends at my school who have A.D.D, and one of them didn’t take his meds one day when he came to school.


Friends You Hate To Love

Posted by kat on Feb 18th, 2009

Have you ever had someone that you genuinely love as a friend, but find them so annoying that you can hardly stand to be around them?


50 Or 51

Posted by kat on Feb 6th, 2009


Today we got our report cards.

Going into exams last week, I was a lee-tle bit…apprehensive. Going into the exam, most of my marks were pretty great. My french mark was a poor 49% going into the exam.


Miracles Do Happen?

Posted by kat on Feb 6th, 2009


A few months ago, i was out driving around with my mother, and we needed to get some (usually over-priced) gas.


With A Grain of Salt

Posted by kat on Jan 30th, 2009


Remember in kindergarten, when everyone was friends with everyone, and we all just got along? I mean, we would come to school, and suddenly the person you had never even met before was like, your BEST friend (forever). But then, over the years, we would all drift apart. People who had been friends every year since school started didn’t even talk to each other anymore. I guess we all split off into different cliques. One thing which definitely defines who you hang out with is whether you’re considered ‘cool’ or not. 


Whats Your Talent?

Posted by kat on Jan 25th, 2009


In life, every person has a few god given talents that they alone are the best at.

Their talents might be anything from academics, artistic abilities, music, cooking–Just about anything.


kat’s 5 Best Exam Tips

Posted by kat on Jan 24th, 2009

EXAMS. A word dreaded by many in this great wide world. The topic of exams can evoke fear, stress, and sometimes even excitement (like for those ‘Hermione Granger’ types) But what are exams, really?