Without His Meds

Posted by kat on Mar 8th, 2009

At my school, i have many different friends, all of which are very different, and diverse. I have 2 friends at my school who have A.D.D, and one of them didn’t take his meds one day when he came to school.

Now this friend (I’ll call him Lee) has A.D.D very bad, and without his meds, he is scary.

This day, Lee didn’t take his meds. I always thought that he was over exadurating when he said that off his meds he’s bouncing off the walls.

He wasn’t exadurating.

Infact, ‘bouncing off the walls’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. I was actually a little scared. On top of not taking his extremly powerful meds he was unusually hungry, and during one 45 min lunch period, he ate 5 chocolate bars,  2 large tootsie rolls, and roughly 4 bottles of over-sugary pop.

If you think of the YouTube Character ‘Fred’ during the video ‘Fred Loses His Meds’ then you know exactly how bad lee was.

I just hope that he takes his meds soon, BEFORE he kills someone…


One Response to “Without His Meds”

  1. Perhaps your friend should get some chocolate protein shakes and go to the gym when he’s strung out on his natural self. It will become a positive, instead of just funny.