With A Grain of Salt

Posted by kat on Jan 30th, 2009


Remember in kindergarten, when everyone was friends with everyone, and we all just got along? I mean, we would come to school, and suddenly the person you had never even met before was like, your BEST friend (forever). But then, over the years, we would all drift apart. People who had been friends every year since school started didn’t even talk to each other anymore. I guess we all split off into different cliques. One thing which definitely defines who you hang out with is whether you’re considered ‘cool’ or not. 

I’m not quite sure if i was ever in the cool group or not. What I do know is that I definitely DON’T hang out with the people I hung out with, even as close to the present as last year.

I had the greatest friend way back in grade 1. I’ll call her ‘L’.  Me and L, well, we were always together. We ate our snack together, played together at recess, and did our work with each other. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we went to the bathroom at the same time (though not ‘together’, I must say).

Then, all of a sudden, we didn’t even talk for all of grade 3 and 4. I had 2 new friends.  Me and these two other friends were always together, just like with me and L. During those years, I never even thought of L, or anyone else i might have ditched for my new friends. Then in grade 5, I moved and had to switch schools.

I was so scared to go to a new school. For my whole life up until then I had always been in the same small school, with the same people. I was so sure I’d be the weird ‘new girl’ who had to wear glasses.  I suppose i was lucky i got to switch at the beginning of the school year. There were 2 grade 5 classes in my new school. I think that if i had been put in the other class, my entire social life would be absolutely and completely different right now. My class was filled with mostly girly and normal people. The other class was filled with all the ‘popular’ kids. Ha.

Within a week i had around 5 really good friends, and another 5 kids who were nice to me. I basically hung out with those people until I started High School.

Throughout my life at my second elementary school, I changed a lot. In grade 5, I was very much a cute little girl, who adored horses and art. In Grade 6, I still liked pink, art and horses,  though I was more well known as the girl who always got in trouble. I think the worst thing I ever did in class was paint my pencil box with black nail polish right when the teacher was getting us all in trouble for being bad when a substitute teacher had been in for him the day before. I got in A LOT of trouble.

In grade 7, I probably changed the most. I grew as a person, traveled, and my entire mentality changed in an instant. My BFF move to a whole different town right before Christmas, which really upset the both of us. Up until  Grade 7, I had pretty much been a bit of a crybaby. Now all of a sudden, I was all ‘different’, and felt the need to change. This was my gypsy/pirate phase, when i wore the strangest clothing.

Ever since grade 8, I’ve been more into heavy metal, and I’m told I seem cynical and jaded (though I don’t think that was on purpose).

This year, in grade 9, I quit horses (though i was so upset, i cried about it for a week), and it just worked out that I barely even talked to the people I had been friends with for 4 years (though I do still hang with them sometimes.) People I didn’t  look twice at before suddenly became my best friends. Also, I hung out (and still hang with) mostly a group of kids in the grade above me.

Right now i’m still into heavy metal t.shirts, but I’ve started liking bright colours again. I read Harry Potter, and watch CSI on T.V.

But lately, it’s really hit me—I can’t believe how much absolutely EVERYTHING has changed. I wonder what life would be like if no one ever changed? 

Personally, I wouldn’t swap my life now for anything. But I think people should look at life with a grain of salt. Things change so fast that we ALL need to remember those moments of life. The happy ones, the sad ones - every moment is a gift from God.


4 Responses to “With A Grain of Salt”

  1. Yea, life is good in many ways. I love you and I am proud of you!!

  2. I was sad to hear about the horses. But perhaps you will find them again.

    Thanks for your thoughts above. I remember changes that got too much until I ran away, because I didn’t have your grain of salt.

  3. You are a strong girl, Kat – and I’m glad that along with that, you haven’t lost compassion for others

    I am glad your bright colors are back.

  4. Oh my gawd!!! You have a blog!! Totally cool. Now I *really* feel behind the times. Good on ya, Kath. This is really great stuff! :-)

    Cari :-)