Why I Luv Mac’n'Chez

Posted by kat on Jan 24th, 2009


Does anyone remember that song by the Bare Naked Ladies? you know, the one that goes, “If i had a million dollers…” and it goes on to say they’d, like, ‘buy her love’ and a monkey (haven’t you always wanted a mon-key?) well i remember it. I especially remember the MACARONI AND CHEESE PART!

My most favourite food in the whole wide world, other than chocolate,  is white Mac’n'Chez. I don’t know when I first ate it, but i do know that the person who gave it to me has very magnificent food taste. 

If i had 1 million dollers, i really would ride a limo to the store and buy loads of Mac’n'Chez.

What would you do with 1 million dollers?

Invest it? ha.

I would spend it all on a flat screen tv, movies,  cool new computer, posters, a grandfather clock, 

and Mac’n'Chez.


2 Responses to “Why I Luv Mac’n'Chez”

  1. I would buy a big house and move all my action figures into it.

  2. If I had a million dollars…. I would travel and visit famous trees and forests all over the world, like California’s giant redwoods, and rainforests and petrified forests, and the world’s tallest or oldest tree, or the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, or the Black Forest in Germany, or the New Forest of Britain, where New Forest ponies run…..