Whats Your Talent?

Posted by kat on Jan 25th, 2009


In life, every person has a few god given talents that they alone are the best at.

Their talents might be anything from academics, artistic abilities, music, cooking–Just about anything.

Some would say that MY talent is being argumentative.

From a young age it would be a frequent thing for me to get in trouble for staying up late, arguing, temper tantrums, fighting….I wasn’t what you would call a gentle sort of child.

And it wasn’t even the kinds of things you’d expect for a child to get in trouble for, either.


I was barely 2 years old, and my younger brother had only just learned to stand. We were in the playpen, when my mum heard a terrible scream of agony. Somehow, my brother had fallen over, and i (wearing a huge evil grin) had just decided that it would oh so fun to stand on him. Needless to say, I was in ALOT of trouble, and i think i had to go to bed early. (not that i went to sleep, mind you.)

Though my brother did get his revenge.

For some reason i was on the floor, crying, and then my brother (who had just learned to walk) runs up to me, and just kicks me, laughing the whole time. I just kept on crying. Eventually someone noticed, and stoped him.

But that experience is one of my first memories.

One Response to “Whats Your Talent?”

  1. My erliest memory is of a big pink fluffy bunny giving me pink and blue Easter eggs with happy desines on. One of them hached and a fairy popped out, It had glisning pink wings, and was singing the most beautiful song.

    Dad says I squashed it.

    Or maybe it was just one of his bedtime stories

    Yr. Fellow Bad Spellow