Miracles Do Happen?

Posted by kat on Feb 6th, 2009


A few months ago, i was out driving around with my mother, and we needed to get some (usually over-priced) gas.

We drove into the first gas station we saw, and mum started filling the tank. If i hadn’t had my camera with me and taken a picture, I might have thought i was hallucinating.


It didn’t last long, though.

Within the week, gas prices had plummeted to as low as 63.7 cents a litre!

I’m glad i took a picture, or else i wouldn’t have proof of this amazing miracle – but now it’s back up to .85 cents.  Which is better than the $1.35 that plunged the world into recession and drivers into depression!

One Response to “Miracles Do Happen?”

  1. Tru dat.