kat’s 5 Best Exam Tips

Posted by kat on Jan 24th, 2009

EXAMS. A word dreaded by many in this great wide world. The topic of exams can evoke fear, stress, and sometimes even excitement (like for those ‘Hermione Granger’ types) But what are exams, really?

Well what aren’t they?

For me, exams are annoying tools of destruction and pain, which the cruelest of teachers inflict on the average student with malice and glee.

Really, exams are just very large term tests to evaluate how much you might or, and many cases, might not know.

Here are some ready-made kat-approved tips on how to survive the dreaded EXAMS:

  • STUDY!!! many people think that they are so smart that they don’t have to study for exams at all. they might say, “Oh, I’ll just study tomorrow night.” and leave it to the next night, and the next night, and the next night….and then, about a day before the exam, they’re all like, “AAAAAHHHHHHHH I HAVE EXAMS TOMOROW AHHHHHHHH.” and then they cram. which is bad. start studying around 3 weeks in advance. (seriously)
  • Don’t drink caffeine.  little known fact: Caffeine is actually bad for you! Caffeine can make you jittery and stay up late  and gives you yellow teeth and its just not good. try chewing gum, or take up some other annoying habit to replace caffeine cunsumption around exams.
  • Try not to stress! Relax, watch a funny movie… just don’t over obsess about every date/definition/pattern-thing/whatever you exam is about. Take a deep breath–everything is gonna be just fine.
  • Another little-known fact: The Human brain can only learn new things ‘in sevens’. By that, i mean that our brain can only really learn seven things at a time, which is why reall cramming right before and exam doesn’t usually work all that well. so instead of trying to learn all 30 definitions at once, try to memorize 7 every day–and then you should be golden.
  • Prepare in advance. It won’t do you any good to be lazy and leave everything to the absolute last minute. Weather its handing in final projects/assignments BEFORE the due date, or start writing up some really nice review notes early, it doesn’t hurt to act like Hermione Granger in this case.

3 Responses to “kat’s 5 Best Exam Tips”

  1. I agree totally with your advice…..*except* for the caffeine. Give me caffeine or give me death!!

  2. Some bang-on stuff there, Kath. I like your comments about studying just seven things a night. I could handle that.

    I have found exams to be a really ba-ad way of testing how much a person has learned in a semester at Skool. Exams are biased to those people who have good memory retention, and not all people do have that. It’s genetic. If you are the kind of person who can understand the concepts taught but just can’t come up with the numbers or terminology, then you are doomed.

    I think there should be a choice of the way people are examined to find out how well they learned a subject. There ARE oral exams for dyslexic people, but that’s just not good enuff! How about a method where you are tested by doing little drawings of the stuff you’ve learned? There must be lots of other ways…

  3. I like the seven things idea too. Sounds less overwhelming than trying to do everything at once.