Happy Birthday Continued

Posted by kat on Jul 22nd, 2009

I had an amazing birthday!

i got to have 2 parties. 1 for at my mums house and 1 for at my dads house.

Each was fantastic!

My mum got me and actual kitten for my birthday! i looooove her so much. i named her lily. Lily… is a little strange…she squeaks! and she drinks from the toilet bowl.

But I still love her, she is adorable.

My friends all got me:

1) clothes
2) nail polish
3) The new Billy Talent cd
4) MONEY! i loooooooove money i got like 75$

also my dad got me a new bike! i love it, it is red and black and is very fast.

my boyfriend…he got me a wonderful present. its a sterling silver necklace with genuine blue topaz and a genuine diamond. It’s the best thing he could have gotten me.

so i had a great birthday! woot!


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