Friends You Hate To Love

Posted by kat on Feb 18th, 2009

Have you ever had someone that you genuinely love as a friend, but find them so annoying that you can hardly stand to be around them?

I have.

This person, well, he’s really actually nice at the core. He just doesn’t know where the line is, and when NOT to cross it. Just today we were joking around, he majorly crossed the line, and i ended up pretty upset.

He did say sorry, and i think he meant it, but i don’t know. There always been a sort of ‘clash’ between us, you know? I guess i just have to grow a tougher skin.

My advice on dealing with these kinds of people is to basically shut them out.

I don’t mean ignore and never talk to them again, I just mean that you have to not take what they say so seriously.


time to go grow that tougher skin…

One Response to “Friends You Hate To Love”

  1. Hey Kat – I never take what people say seriously and Im just realizing I ushully end up hurting ther delicit feelings. My dad says I have to make my skin SOFTER. Way way way WAAAY softer, hur hur hur.

    But yeah, I get tired of people who have dramas and tramas over basickly nothing, nada, zip. Even when I rilly don’t mind them, ackcherly.