50 Or 51

Posted by kat on Feb 6th, 2009


Today we got our report cards.

Going into exams last week, I was a lee-tle bit…apprehensive. Going into the exam, most of my marks were pretty great. My french mark was a poor 49% going into the exam.

On the day of the dreaded test, I woke up un-characteristically early, at 5 30am, and was the first into the class.

We all had from 8 50am to 11 00am to complete our French exam.

As the time quickly slipped away, I felt like with every question i answered, another 2 had been added to the exam, each one harder than the last.

I had to take an extra hour to complete it.

After 3 hours of blood, sweat and tears (not literally), I was finally done the exam!!

Today we got our report cards.

My mark in french was…..



A Valuable Tip:

If on an exam, you get 50%, then it was a gift from your loving teacher who was sick of you and didn’t want to see any more of you ever again.

If you get 51%, then you earned that mark, and it was all you.

I guess that I’m a hard worker


One Response to “50 Or 51”

  1. I am rilly proud of that 1%. Wow!

    Isobel (who got 50%)