25 Random Facts About Me

Posted by kat on May 27th, 2009

today i was surfing facebook, and notice my very good friend posted a note called, ’25 random facts about me’. So i figured what the heck? i might as well make one too…

Here goes….

1) though many people don’t beleive me, I am a natural blond, I have always been blond, and probably will always be blond. Unless i get bored and dye my hair or something.

2) My best subject in school is MATH. i know. surprising…

3) as a child my favourite T.V. show was ‘The Big Comfy Couch’

4) i am deathly afraid of caterpillers!!!!!! they are of the devil…..DEATH BUGS!

5) i dont much like the colour orange, and yet i find myself wearing it more and more…

6) my school has bloody uniforms and i actually dont mind them much anymore.

7) i end up watching Tree House and the Family channel like ALL the time cuz my leetle seester (little sister) is 7

8. ) my best friend is even weirder then i am…lol…


10) I once met a belgian and and patted his fuzzy coat (open for interpratation)

11) I hate turtles chocolate.

12) I have never, not once, EVER watched MTV, but most of my friends do so i know all about it…*sigh*…

13) my favourite T.V. show is…..well ‘shows’ are……SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and MYTHBUSTERS

14) i and completly-totally-absolutly-rabidly addicted to tetris. (!!!!!)

15) lol the big comfy couch just cam on on tree house lol

16) my favourite drink as of right now is ‘Dole sparkling Grapefrute Juice’ mmmmmmm tasty….

17) The walls in  my living room are red…like blood… lol just kidding…

18) on my grade 8 trip i went to niagra falls, and we went on the maid of the mist: long story short, everyone who went on their was SOAKED but i was as dry as a broiling summer day. it was funny cuz they were all wet and i wasn’t. lol.

19) i finally broke my annoying habit of biting my nails….

20) Unfortunatly, my stopping of bitting of nails has opened my time up for a newhabit: CRACKING MY DUMB KNUCKLES!

21) i once heard myt teacher say ‘you rascally little monster’ to someone or other…

22) I love physics in science class!

23) i can speack two words of welsh : MOCHYN AVIACH which means ‘dirty piggy’

24) my favourite saying of today is “Yar bou suckx to tha (insert whatever else here)” AND ‘Up yur kilt with a WIRE BRUSH’

25)  I’m standing right behind you.


lol i LAUGH if someone actually looks over their shoulders when they read that.

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