Friends You Hate To Love

Posted by kat on Feb 18th, 2009

  Have you ever had someone that you genuinely¬†love as a friend, but find them so annoying that you can hardly stand to be around them?

50 Or 51

Posted by kat on Feb 6th, 2009

Going into exams last week, I was a lee-tle bit…apprehensive. Going into the exam, most of my marks were pretty great. My french mark was a poor 49% going into the exam.
On the day of the dreaded test, I woke up un-characteristically early, at 5 30am, and was the first into the class.

Miracles Do Happen?

Posted by kat on Feb 6th, 2009

  A few months ago, i was out driving around with my mother, and we needed to get some (usually over-priced) gas.